Joint Ukrainian-American Enterprise Nowax-Ukraine LLC is an American company, which specializes in the development and manufacturing of excellent automotive chemicals, car care products and air frasheners. In the process of products manufacturing we use high quality materials and raw materials only which comply with the requirements of the automotive and household industry.


In the 2000s, company began production of automotive additives, flushes and various cleaners. These agents are developed for maximum protection of friction mechanisms and recovery of worn engines. Related products, such as adhesives, sealants, fasteners and cold welding, were another very important direction of the company. These agents restore and prolong the lifetime of the vehicle engine compartment.


Intensively developing, the company increases the production capacity, constantly expands the range of products. Since 2006 "DÉCOR LUX" brand appears on the market which presents weatherproof acrylic spray paint of various application areas. In addition, the company offers a line of «BLACK» cleaners that are professional agents, and polishes for plastics, vinyl and rubber car interior coatings. 


Joint Ukrainian-American Enterprise Nowax-Ukraine LLC owns "COBRA" trademark. This brand is presented by industrial multi-functional excellent product that can be divided into: dissolving agents with high penetrating ability, penetrating spray for the restoration of friction surfaces, insulating and anti-friction protective agents. Perfect functionality in combination with the price makes the company's products the ideal choice for industrial and domestic spheres.


Our company also took care of car owners who value comfort in the car. The product range includes lines of air fresheners in the form of cellulose cards, sprays, membranes and capsules filled with fragranced liquid, hanging bags on the rearview mirror, etc. The composition of aromas is presented both in perfumed, and in fresh, sweet, fruit options. We are constantly expanding the range of car air fresheners to satisfy the tastes of even the most demanding consumers.


We appreciate the partnerships with distributors all around the world and in every possible way contribute to the joint decision of tactical and strategic objectives, considering all client’s needs and providing quality products only based on direct dealer prices.


Products of Joint Ukrainian-American Enterprise Nowax-Ukraine LLC meets strict requirements of today's well-known manufacturers of vehicles and equipment. This is evidenced by a certificate of quality management system ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 14001: 2004, which is responsible for the safety of products for people health and the environment.


We care about our planet. Our technologies do not harm the environment.

Joint Ukrainian-American Enterprise

Nowax-Ukraine LLC

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