Radiator leak stop NOWAX (NX32520) 325 ml

Nowax Radiator Leak Stop reliably and quickly removes the radiator leak in heating system, its hose connections and heater, head gaskets, pump and thermostat, taps and regulators. Prevents leakage in the future.  Restores seals elasticity and resilience. Outflowing together with the coolant from a crack or a hole under the influence of temperature changes, composition becomes polymerized and stops the leakage, forming a solid plug. Is not washed away, is not crumbled, does not clog radiator pipes and the stove heater. Safe for steel, cast iron, plastic, aluminum, rubber and polymetallic details. Does not interact with anti-corrosion and other functional antifreeze additives (coolant) .Can be used in cooling systems filled with coolant (antifreeze) or water. Content is sufficient for systems with a size of up to 12L.